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Buy Wonderland Chocolate Bars – Notch the way and experience the results of psilocybin without having to consume raw or dried mushrooms! We get it, absolutely everyone (or in this case, most) enjoys the taste of mushrooms. You’ve got Wonderland covered! these milk chocolate bars are filled with 4 grams of Golden Trainer strain and use a special psilocybin extract to guarantee potency and consistency. There is nothing worse than a poorly dosed trip! each delicious piece of Wonderland Mushroom bar is made with premium Belgian chocolate. if you are new to Magic Mushrooms or have never tried psilocybin before, we encourage you to start with one piece and take 30 forty five minutes.

What are magic mushrooms?
Buy Wonderland Chocolate Bars – First, there are types of mushrooms called shrooms. The species you make dinner with are commonly chopped and fried in onion, garlic, olive oil, or coconut oil to cook dishes like spaghetti sauce. an alternative species is hallucinogenic mushrooms – having psilocybin or energetic psilocybin compounds that have long-term effects on behavior.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms have psychoactive houses. these psychoactive houses can result in emotions of euphoria, cozy body, heavy limbs, better appetite, visual changes along with fixtures and shapes that one has interaction about.
How should I eat Wonderland mushroom sticks?
Buy Wonderland Chocolate Bars – In case you are new to Magic Mushrooms or have never tried psilocybin before, we recommend starting with one piece and spending 30 to forty five minutes. The consequences can try to kick in as an expansion of factors which include food plan, weight, health and so on. may cause faster or slower onset. After the time is up, you can eat any other piece to extend your journey or increase the consequences.

For extra skilled customers, we suggest starting with 2-3 servings and working your way up. as well as the whole bar in case you are safe from the effects of psilocybin. note that Wonderland Mushroom Bars tend to be on the more effective side because they use a more effective method of extracting psilocybin.

While these chocolate bars tend to be extra gentle on the stomach, you may experience the nausea that is common with magic mushrooms.

Ingredients: Belgian milk chocolate, sugar, cocoa powder, emulsifier, soy lecithin, psilocybin cubensis, natural vanilla flavoring.


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