Zamnesia Grow Kit ‘mexican’ For Sale

Mexican is arguably one of the best-known magic mushrooms, and it is credited with being the “founding father” of psychedelic mushrooms in part because of this. Mexican flings open the doors to a world of possibility—a world where the weird coexists peacefully with the fantastic and where your imagination is your only true constraint. As the mushroom matures, the dark brown stripe becomes more obvious and thick, giving way to the bell-shaped cap, which gradually turns from brown to beige to straw in colour.

The kit comes with everything you need to create your own life-affirming experience and is ready to use. Perlite serves as a moisture barrier, whereas vermiculite serves as a casing layer for a completely colonized rye cake. Simple instructions are provided, including two stages that are especially important for success. To keep the appropriate levels of moisture, your mycelium will first require a daily watering. After that, all you’ll need is a little patience as the mycelium grows. You will enjoy everything the founding father has to offer within a few short weeks and several flushes.


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