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Buy One Up Chocolate Bars online USA are an excellent introduction to the magical realm of psychedelics for individuals new to or interested in magic mushrooms. Shroomies are a collection of Canadians who believe in the amazing recreational applications of psychedelics as well as their deep, natural healing properties. These magic chocolate bars combine the excitement of magic mushrooms with the wonderful taste of chocolate and are a practical and enjoyable alternative to dried mushrooms. The Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom was selected for its high psilocybin content as well as increased psilocin and a full-spectrum experience.

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Shroomies Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars are available in 3000 mg doses in the following flavors:

Cookies and Cream 3000 mg
Sea salt dark chocolate 3000 mg
Milk Chocolate Crunch 3000 mg

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Divided into four squares, these psilocybin chocolates are convenient due to their easy-to-dispense nature. In terms of both effectiveness and taste, they allow for flexible microdosing methods or simple enjoyment.
These chocolate bars are filled with Golden Teacher mushrooms, which are known for their reliable trip and are often the gateway for newbies. They are commonly used to gain new information about oneself and the universe due to their spiritual and shamanic effects.

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This chocolate bar easily breaks into 4 x 750mg squares for a total of 3000mg per bar
Recommended dosage:

Beginners: half to one square
Psychonauts: one to three squares

Note: Before increasing the dose, wait 30-45 minutes for the initial effects to take effect. These chocolates will last a year if stored in a cool place or indefinitely if stored in the freezer.


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