1-Propionyl-6-ethyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethyamide (additionally referred to as 1P-ETH-LAD) is a semi synthetic psychedelic substance of the lysergamide chemical elegance. it’s far a designer drug analog and suspected pro drug to ETH-LAD, which shares a near structural courting with LSD and 1P-LSD. Anecdotal reviews suggest that this compound produces in large part comparable psychedelic consequences similar to ETH-LAD or AL-LAD.Buy 1P-ETH-LAD Online

Like its discern compound ETH-LAD, this compound has been pronounced to be moderately to noticeably stronger than LSD itself. It has also been reported as being subtly exceptional in effect to LSD and is often described as being greater visible and syn aesthetic, with a deeper, much less emotionally-charged head space analogous to that of psychedelics like 2C-E or DPT. stocks many commonplace developments with its discern compound LSD; it seems to be more or less equal in efficiency as well as similar in mechanism even though the development and length of consequences are compressed (at the same time as ultimate qualitatively much less extreme and more viable) because of suspected variations in how it is metabolized.

1P-ETH-LAD is offered for studies functions best and isn’t always be applied for every other functions

Purchase 1P-ETH-LAD online;

100mcg is bought for studies purposes only and isn’t be applied for another purposes, inclusive of, however not confined to, in vivo diagnostic functions, in meals, in capsules, in medicinal devices, and/or cosmetics for human beings and/or animals.

Previous to ordering, please ensure which you are nicely geared up for research chemical compounds and that your paintings location is well-ventilated.

1P-ETH-LAD 100 mcg is felony in our country of beginning. It’s miles your responsibility to recognize and abide with the aid of the laws for your USA/county/vicinity/nation/city. We accept no obligation for any moves or effects which are a result of your selection to reserve.


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